The practicality of a science fiction movie

The practicality of a science fiction movie

Imagination is one of the greatest virtues of a human brain. We all contain the ability to imagine but only a few of us have the ability to convert that imagination into reality whether on paper, on the ground, or on-screen as well. Throughout the course of our lives, I am sure we have seen numerous films of different genres, with one genre being science fiction. Most of the people directing these films have sort of a vision. One thing about ‘vision’ that we can say is that it is based on some fact or some technology that we all are using in some form or the other. Hence, before jumping out of our seats in cinema halls and passing judgements on a science fiction movie to be completely baseless and irrelevant we should analyse the present technology on which they are based. By doing so, we can make it more relevant and perceivable.

Every theoretical concept requires a backing of an example. Let’s consider the example of a movie.

Passengers (2016)

The basic plot of the movie revolves around transporting people from Earth to another Earth-like planet through a spaceship, wherein everyone is locked inside capsules in a hibernated mode. Further complications arise when a person’s capsule accidentally opens up and then again he opens up another person’s capsule and then it is pretty much about them as a couple. Although I severely despise the protagonist because he is dating Jennifer Lawrence in the movie but let’s just stay on the topic of science fiction.

Transporting people through capsules in a hibernated condition for many years may sound like a joke to many but it might be quite possible after a few decades. The main brain behind carrying people or keeping people for so many years is reversing the cycle of biological ageing. To achieve this particular stage, we can move on through two basic ideas. One would be going through the path paved by Einstein’s special theory of relativity or through biological or pharmaceutical research.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity states that time slows down or speeds upon how fast you move relative to something else. Hence, we could say that if we are moving at the speed of light or approaching at the speed of light the individual experiencing that speed will be ageing at a much slower rate. (This was the exact scientific case established in the movie Passengers).

People who think that going or approaching at the speed of light is an impossible job then we do have other options available here on the earth which are primarily in the pharmaceutical research sector. The anti-ageing technology today is not only restricted to creams or other cosmetic products but involves other crucial technological components also, like Reforming the DNA instructions, etc. According to a recent study by Rejuvenate Bio, the company is currently testing 60 different age-reversing gene therapies. The company also carried out initial tests on beagles, claiming that it can reverse ageing in Animals by adding new DNA instructions to their bodies.

To take these things to new levels, Cyronics, again a lead company in this sector has come up with the technology of freezing you as you die so you can be brought back to life when technology advances are enough. Only preserving your head costs $80,000.

This is the advent and this is the reach of the technology on which the movie was based upon. So next time before you jump out of your seat and condemn the technology to be nothing but impossible (and praising Jennifer Lawrence for how amazing she looks) study and research about the scope and the practicality of it. We should always remember that even going to the moon was once a dream to man, and man is anything but a creature who will not side idle and not manifest his ambitions into reality.